Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Forest Navigation and Avoiding the Easy

Money. My relationship with money is changing. I have started to get paid for something I love to do, and I have some income coming in. I feel as if I am standing on the edge of a dark forest. This forest is full of pitfalls and traps and I have never made it successfully from one side of the forest to the other. I get lost, turned around, stuck in swamps and bogged down. The forest separates me from fiscal responsibility, the ability to mange my money, cultivate savings and support myself in the lifestyle that I wish to live.

To create a safe path for myself through this forest I have to learn how to use the tools I have and create some new ones. These tools include budgeting, frugality and not giving in to easy.

Not giving in to easy may require some explanation. Let's look at the example of fast food. It is quick and easy to buy. You can go from hungry to full in a few short minutes without the work of preparing a meal. However, you pay for that ease in the nutritional value of the food you consume, the quality of the food and the cost. I can make a good burger and iced tea with a green salad for under $5 at home and be just as full. Giving in to easy means doing what is simple rather than smart. It is not the denial of self for denial's sake that needs to be the focus, but rather on not building the easy path habit.


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