Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Keep Jumping

I feel like a video game analogy this morning. A classic type of video game is the platformer. Here the concept is to move through a maze of platforms gathering items and killing enemies. There is a lot of jumping and precision timing to get through levels. To continue to be successful we need to keep the platformer in mind.

In our struggle to be successful we fight our way from one ledge to another. We dodge, we duck, we make progress. Soon we find ourselves where we want to be. When this happens it becomes easy to relax and get sloppy. One way to avoid this is to keep our eyes always on the next platform, the next spot to jump. Keeping our forward momentum going we can avoid complacency which tends to cause us to lose our balance and walk off the platform we have gotten too. Our quality of work slips as does our attention to detail.

By always preparing to make the next jump, to make it to the next safe place, we can keep our selves on task, on target, and growing.


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