Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Talking To Myself

"If the truth can be told so that it is understood it will be believed"-Shaman, Re:Evalution

This line has been going through my head again and again for years, but more so lately. I have wanted to talk about it here but have not, until now, seen how it relates to personal growth and changing who we are into who we want to be.

Here is the realization I had while fighting with my cat about where it was ok to sit on the bed - next to me, not one me - when I am writing. We need to speak to ourselves in a way that we can understand if we want to change who we are. We need to find the words, the symbols and the context that not only motivates us but converts us to a new way of being. The conversion I am talking about is a fundamental shift in how we perceive ourselves. When this happens our definition of our identity changes and we will begin to act in new and different ways.

Finding a language which we can understand is not easy. Success comes from self examination and at looking at the darkness and light of our own actions. Once we have begun to learn it, it is a powerful tool.


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