Friday, January 28, 2011

New Battle

I have a new goal. I have had a long painful relationship with bills. I forget to pay them. I commit myself to more payments then I can manage. At the moment I am fortunate. I have a small number of bills. Now that I have an income the next step is to master paying the bills I have now before adding more. As I have taught myself to be in the habit of going to class and of blogging every day I need to learn the habit of bill paying.

This means overcoming a certain amount of fear. Fear that can stop me from opening a bill because I don’t want to know how much more debt I have to carry. The fear of not being able to pay the bill. I can do this. This is my new battle field. Once I take back this battle field I will be able to face any other aspect of my financial life with my head held high.

This is an important battle for me, it scares me but I know I can win.


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