Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Walking Our Own Road

We all travel this world together. This is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is the company, the lessons and the interactions that we have with others. The curse comes from the miscommunications and the potential to judge ourselves against their accomplishments. As we walk along the trail, others turn off to travel a different route that leads them through different experiences than ours. We lose sight of them only to come upon them again later when their path comes close again. They may have suffered hardships or accumulated riches while they have been out of our sight. We may want what they have. We may think we should compare ourselves to them. We are wrong.

The problem of judging ourselves against their success is that we may not define successes the way they do. We must succeed in a way that will satisfy our wants and needs. We must face our struggles and learn how to be who we are. Without this success will be meaningless. Without knowing what we want we will only get the things that we are told we want, the things others want for us. This does not buy happiness.

We must define ourselves in our own hearts. We must succeed on our own terms. We need to walk our own road.


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