Monday, January 17, 2011

Notes From the Rollercoaster

A new semester starts at school tomorrow. I have had a full month of break and it has been nice. It feels like things are going to get very busy for me, the rollercoaster of life is clacking away as we pull up to the top of a big drop. The first hill and turn will be the toughest. If I can keep up with everything through that, life will be fine.

To keep up I will need to do two things. Work efficiently and make sure I have free time.

I have already talked about blocking out time in our schedules. I just need to remember to do it.

The other aspect, working efficiently, will be more of a challenge. Part of the problem for this is that I do not know what resources I will have to work with on the paper. The staff at the Oak Leaf will be fairly green with only a few experienced reporters and editor coming back.

Once I know what resources I have I can create a solid effective work flow. My guiding principal in this must be "Quality over Quantity." I need to do as much as I can do well, and not try to do more just for the sake of doing.

Wish me luck . The roller coaster is about to reach the top of the hill.


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