Thursday, March 24, 2011

Being Consistent

So if I have one major hurdle to tackle in my life these days it is consistency. I am good at starting strong, and if I make it to the end I can finish strong, but in between I tend to let things fall apart. I get overconfident and slack when I should not and it bites me in the ass on a regular basis.

I need to find a method for keeping myself consistent. A system to help me stay vigilant in that what I am doing is what I need to be doing and that I am doing it to the best of my ability.

I have tried programs that track my time and I have used to-do lists. The problem with both of these is that when I feel myself starting to slip I just stop looking at them. If they do not put pressure on me then they are no good. So I have to create a system for putting pressure on myself.

Right now I have recognized the problem. Now to find a solution. I need to hit the ground running and be able to keep running. I can do good work but I have to keep doing good work.

Any suggestions?


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