Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moving on the Path

Knowing what we need to do and doing it can be to very different things. In the act of doing we have to face our fears, commit to a possibility and act. However without taking this action, without putting ourselves out there and risking the untried possibilities available in the moment we will never move of our own volition. Instead we will only move in fits and starts as outside forces push us. In addition we have to think of what is most important, the destination or the path that takes us there.

Does getting what we want at the cost of our own morals and beliefs count as victory? Is that success or will the achievement be tinged with regret because of what we have done to get there? By betraying our values we can also change who we are and not in a way that is positive. We lose something of ourselves when we do things that go against who we are.

So we must be careful not to act just to reach our goals but to do so in ways that keep us whole as a person. This is the danger in taking short cuts. It is not enough to arrive at our journey's end, we must arrive where we want to be as who we want to be. But for there to be any type of arrival we must still act, we must plot the course and follow it.

Word count: so far I am only at 2500 words for the week, a long way to go to 150,000.


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