Monday, March 14, 2011


Frustration may be the biggest enemy we face on the path to personal growth.

The problem with frustration is that as we try to change, as we do things differently and it does not work we find ourselves more and more convinced that change is impossible. Frustration acts like a fun house mirror warping and twisting little insignificant hurdles into big problems. As these small things fill our vision they consume our lives.

Frustration causes what should be a light load to carry feel like a huge burden. Carrying this huge burden makes us stumble, not because the problem is big but because our perception of it is. These are the times that we need to step back and reevaluate not what we are doing but the importance we are putting on certain aspects of our goals. Is the point that is hanging us up important or is it just a bump in the road? If it is just a bump, is there a way around it, another way to achieve the goal? If there is, great. If the source of frustration can be avoided without sacrificing what we want we can quit banging our heads against it.

Other times we must deal with the source of frustration. When this happens we must find new ways of thinking about the problem. If we keep thinking about it the same way we will keep finding ourselves frustrated with it. By finding new ways to approach the problem we can find a way to deal with it that works


Charlie Holloway said...

Quinn, I have been reading your blog for quite some time and came back today after a few months off to see this timely message. Thank you for sharing your insight of growing. I am 51 and still struggle with it. You Mom and Dad seem to have it covered. I wish I could find the peace in my life that they seem to have found. Thank you again and keep it up! You write beautifully!


Quinn said...

Hi Charlie,glad you find the blog helpful. I think one of the keys to finding peace is being able to recognize it and for that we have to be aware of the moments as they come to us.

Charlie Holloway said...

It is so easy in our busy 2011 lives to forget to stop and enjoy the simple things around you. I try to spend some time each day just interacting with my kids and exposing them to the wonder of the small things. I find when I can see them and not be so preoccupied that I miss them, that I am much more at peace with myself.

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