Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rules of the Spring

So if the strength of the spring is how it snaps back into shape, how do we do that in our own lives?

Forgive: When we get bent, get knocked out of place, we tend to get become frustrated with how we have screwed up. We need to forgive the mistakes we have made, learn from them and move on.

Recover quickly: Like springs we need to bounce back to where we belong with force and attitude. Slowly retaking the ground we lost feeds into the sense of failure. Snapping back to where we where before we the pressure gets us back on track and back to operating from a place of confidence.

Put the focus on what you want not what has happened: It is easy to spend our time dwelling on the mistake rather than the goal. The goal is in the future and is a blueprint for what we want to have happen in our life. The mistake is in the past and cannot be changed. If we are done learning how to not repeat it looking at it is a waste of our time.

Don’t be the event: We are not the things that happen to us, we are not our job and we are not our mistakes. Do not let your hardships define you. Our definition of self must come from within if we are to know what we want and become who we want to be.

In the end it is not the falling down that matters it is the getting back up the defines us.


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