Thursday, March 3, 2011


Changing our lives requires bravery. I have said this before but it is important to remember.

Bravery is not the overcoming of our fears. Being brave does not mean we do not feel fear. Instead bravery is the ability to take action based on our intellect rather than our instincts when we are afraid.

When we are in a situation that causes us fear it is easy to default to instinct. Sometimes this is also the intelligent thing to do as instinct guides us away from pain. However, pain avoidance can go too far. It can lead to us creating larger problems for ourselves, or not achieving the things we want.

The pain we face in personal growth is that we must face our path. We must face the things we have done wrong and try to change them. In changing them we also have to face the unknown. Who will we be at the end of the process?


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