Monday, March 29, 2010

Freedom in silliness

It is ok to be silly. We often worry that we will be laughed at, ridiculed or talked ab out behind our back for doing something unconventional. We are probably right about that, those things will happen but they are not the end of the world. It is better to live honestly with ourselves then to lie to conform to society. Living honestly can mean we have to break from social norms. We might come out as gay, we might reject the fast-food diet of modern America for a vegan life style, and we might renounce the religion of our birth to find a truth that speaks to us.

These actions may make others nervous; maybe it is what they want but can't bring them selves to admit. Maybe they see independence thought and decision-making as a threat to the integrity of the pack. People will talk but only for a little while and then something else will distract them. We on the other hand will reap the benefit of living in accordance with who we are for the rest of our lives. Being honest with our selves about our selves frees us from a box we do not even know is there. The pressure of this box constricts our every movement leaching the joy from our lives.

So be silly, have fun, change our life to be what you want it to be. Put aside your fears about what others will say, and be yourself.