Thursday, March 25, 2010

Remembering the other is us

Personnel development does not stop at the person. Part of changing who we are in a conscious way that is in tune with our reasonable desires for our lives is that we must understand how we deal with others. We have to become aware of the important of others in our lives and the impact of our actions upon them as well as the impact of their actions on us. I have talked in the past about why this important, how people are our mirrors, and why commitments must be taken in to account when deciding to make changes in our lives. Today I want to share seven things to remember about others.

  1. While they are just supporting cast to us, so are we to them
  2. They struggle as we struggle.
  3. As we judge things based on our prior experience so do they.
  4. Beyond the walls of class, belief and party allegiance we are all just people.
  5. The guests of our heart are at the door but it is up to us to let them in.
  6. We each have our own journey and our own destination but we can still share the road.
  7. We all see the same things but we all see them differently.

So my challenge for myself and for you today is as others come in and out of your life remembers these things. They apply to the drive who cuts you off and the cashier that jokes with you. They apply to the bum who wants a dollar and the people we can't wait to see at the end of a long day. They apply to those who we agree with and those who we don't. See the people not the role they fill and treat them kindly. Have a great day and make some one else's day better as well.