Friday, March 5, 2010

Take it slow

I am going to take a break from the paradoxes for today. I want to take a moment of your Friday to discuss the importance of slow. We live in a world were everything has to happen now, we want immediate gratification, immediate access to people, and we don't want to sit in traffic. All this hurry hurry rush rush destroys our ability to appreciate life. It takes us from the moment and turns our focus to what is next.

There is a time and place to plan, it needs to be done, however it should be kept in its place. Sometimes it seems as if the moment we start something we are thinking about what we need to do next. With all the work that we do to plan and prepare do we not owe it to ourselves and our plans to take the time to pay attention to them when they come to fruition?

So as this weekend goes buy 0do not overload yourself with things to do, allow the time to plan, and once you have a plan in motion enjoy the results. Pay attention to the experiences you are having and let events have their time.

Have a great weekend, enjoy it remember it, and treasure it.


Travis Alexander said...

Patience is a virtue, cherish it. Great post btw.

Quinn said...

Thank you

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