Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The next leg

I am trying to get in the habit of posting about my goals for the week on Monday nights. However this has not quite become habit yet so I missed it last night. I thought I would give the goals center stage this week. First a recap of last week's goals:

Goals for the week of 2/22/10

  • Finishes rough draft of Faith paper for critical thinking class: This did get done, it was a huge headache but it is done.
  • Find five clients for coaching business
  • Work out 4 times in seven days
  • Start getting up earlier and going to bed earlier: I was able to do the first part, getting up earlier but never could seem to get to bead on time
  • Schedule and plan for new D&D game: I did some of this but got stuck waiting for the players to get back to me

Honestly I did not get to far on most of these. But when things like that happen all one can do is pick ones self up and keep going. With that in mind here are the goals for this week:

Goals for the week of 3/1/10

  • Finish and give informative speech
  • Develop forms for coaching business
  • Find 3 clients
  • Be more reflective
  • Work out 4 times in 7 days

So those are my goals for the week what are yours?


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