Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Have a good day

Have a good day. I say that a lot at the end of my posts but what does it mean?

The traditional idea of having a good day is this: one where we are happy and nice things happen to us. This is pleasant but not always productive. I want to offer up another concept of what a good day could, and in my opinion should be.

A good day is one were you take value in what comes your way, you look for lessons in the positive and negative experiences you have and were you find the opportunities to move forward in your journey.

Taking value in what comes your way: This is taking the time to be here now. The moments we get will never come again and if we do not allow ourselves to experience them fully we will miss them. This does not mean do not plan or reminisce, but when you do it do it fully and consciously. At other times let the mind be free to perceive all of the moment, all of the beauty and wonder that is available in even the most common moments.

Looking for lessons: Every action we perform or witness others performing can become a moment for learning about ourselves. We must understand what brings successes in to our lives as well as failure then use these lessons to chang our behavior. Without looking for the lessons we have no teacher and our minds are no better organized than a fifth grade class left to their own devices.

Moving forward in our journey: we each have a place we are trying to get to in our lives whether it is a conscious choice or not. First I argue that you must know where you want to go and have an idea of how to get there. If you know these things then you can have your eyes open for the next step down the path when it comes to you.

A good day is one where we can savor the moments and learn their lessons, were we can be aware of where we are and where we are going. So that is my wish for you and for myself as well to have a good day to day and every day.