Thursday, April 1, 2010

Open thought process courage

At the end of last week I was asked to write about courage and so I have been giving it some thought.

First courage is necessary for personal growth. To face who we are and what we need to do in our lives takes an endless amount of courage. The process of personnel growth involves looking our fears and weaknesses in the eye and saying I will not back down.

That said were does courage come from? There are two possibilities here we are naturally courageous and it comes from within or we are naturally fearful and courage must be created artificially and brought in to our selves. I think we are all naturally courageous. Fear slips in the cracks of our being and forms a fog between our sense of self and who we really are. Being brave, having courage is more a matter of seeing through the fog and finding what has been there all along. Fear makes us forget we are brave. The other option is that we create courage. This opens the door to questions like how do we create courage and how can we bring it in to ourselves. This possibility does not seem intuitively true to me. What do you think? What is our base state fear or courage?

No matter where it comes from courage is something that is hard to masseur, most of the time we only know that we have just enough and then when we need more if we dig deep, part the fog we can usually find a bit more. Fears on the other hand abound. We fear a loss of status, loss of things a loss of life, a loss of health. These things will happen, but that is not a reason to fear them. Things change, nothing stays the same. We must accept change and be willing to confront our doubts and worries.

Live courageously, face the demons and know no matter what they tell you, you are brave, you are strong and you can win.