Thursday, April 22, 2010

Reducing suffering

I have come to believe that we as people intent on bettering our selves have a moral obligation to also work on making the world a better place for others. We must be willing to look at the horrible things that happen in the world and say how can this be stopped. We cannot look away and at the same time we cannot let it destroy the joy we find in life. This is a tough balance to be struck. The important thing to understand here is it is not wrong to be happy while others suffer it is wrong to be happy that others do suffer. If this were not true then it would always be wrong to be happy.

Instead we have a obligation to work and minimizing the suffering of others as it comes in to our life whether it be the suffering of friends, strangers, or people halfway around the world. If we can help we should. Help does not only mean giving money. It can be lending an ear, passing on information, feeding people, volunteering. All these things are ways we can alleviate the suffering, even convincing others that the struggle to grow them selves and work alongside us in reducing suffering helps the cause. And it is a cause, if not the cause the one thing that most charities work towards is reducing suffering whether it be through advocating rights, finding cures, providing food; all these things work to lower the level of suffering.