Monday, April 5, 2010

The three of us

When we are working on personal growth we have to relies that there are three uss involved in the process. The first us is who we are now the second us is who we want to be and the third us is the one that control the transition from one to the other.

We often think about whom we are now and who we want to be but little about the transitioners. Our transitioners can work in different ways, each has its place and each will work better for some people then it does for others.

The quiet teacher: This is the gentlest of the transitioners. Here we hold our own hand and say how should we approach this, what is wrong about what you did, what did you do right? This transitioner guides us with questions and gold start.

The authoritarian: This transitioner tells us NO! This is the voice we need to hear when the only way to improve is to not do something. Here we change by obeying a system of self devised rules designed to produce a way of living that is more conducive to who we want to be.

The coach: Similar to the authoritarian this transitioner keeps kicking are asses to do something. We push we push we push, that is the voice of the coach.

We need to understand the third us, and how we motivate ourselves and be able to switch between different transitioner models to overcome different challenges.