Monday, April 26, 2010

Small Bricks

Small bricks. You can do a lot with small bricks if you put your mind to it, don't believe me just look at these Lego creations. But small bricks are useful for more than constructing spaceships and car replicas, we can use small bricks in our lives to make changes in our lives or accomplish large complex tasks.

Small bricks. When we start a large task we have a lot of enthusiasm for it but as we struggle day in and day out without apparent results we bog down. Momentum can be sustained through a feeling of accomplishment and that is where the small bricks come in. Breaking down a large task to smaller sub tasks lining them up in the order they will be needed and then using one brick at a time we can start building.

Small bricks. Each one snaps in place fitting neatly with the next as well as the one before, it is not hard to lift them but each one does its job. The cycle of accomplish and move on becomes habit after a while and then we get to the midpoint and look back on what we have done we see the foundation of our creation, our goal, our task fully complete the skeleton of it all ready starting to reach for the sky and we can say to our selves we are almost there, the hard part is over get back to work.

Small bricks. Have something insurmountable in your life, a project that never seems to be finished. Take it apart break it down and work on one small brick at a time.