Friday, April 2, 2010

Only for the brave and the strong

Personal growth is only for the strong and courageous. I saw this not to dissuade any one from starting down the path to be better but to allow people to know what they are getting into.

When we decide it is time to change in a conscious manner, to grow in to the person we want to be, we must face the person we are. Whether we like our selves or not if we have found the desire to change our selves there is some aspect of how we act, behave or live that goes against the person we want to be. It takes courage to face that we are not always the person we want to be. It takes strength of character to change old habits.

Courage and strength play a role throughout the process of personal growth. We will have times were we fall back to our old ways and we must face again the part of our selves we have put to rest. When we get comfortable with where we are in our development we can find ourselves slaking off on the will power and falling back in to bad habits. This is part of the process but when we find it happening we must have the courage to stop and admit our error and the strength of will to get back to work.

The worst thing we can say is "well I screwed up I might as well keep screwing up." NO! The correct answer is I screwed up now I will do better. We cannot give in, once we have desired that we need to change we must continue to change. Otherwise our awareness of our flaws will cause us to become depressed and steal our confidence, our self-respect, and our motivation. So in addition to strength and courage personal growth also requires endurance.

So we must remember we are brave, teach ourselves to be strong and just not stop.