Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Commitment to grow

Procrastination has been creeping back in to my life, like a cat on the hunt. I hate procrastination when I relies I am doing it. So once again it is time to up my vigilance and get down to defending myself against the pounces of procrastination.

My usual technique to guard against my habit of putting things off is to look for the key words that let me know I am about to procrastinate. It used to be I will do it in a minute. Now it has become I am waiting for inspiration.

What this change of phrase is showing me, reminding me is how insidious our bad habits can be. We learn to recognize them in one guise then they change their appearance and come at us from another angle. This is just one reason why it is important to take a moment here and there throughout our day, throughout our lives and take stock of the progress we are making. In this business of changing who we are we have to stay committed to the discipline it takes to keep our old nature in check.

I have a teacher who is soft on deadlines; this does not mean I should be. Just because she will allow me to put off the work does not make it right. I have a standard to which I must hold myself. The promise to be the person is not between me and another but between me and myself; If I do not change then I am the one let down, I may disappoint others but the commitment must first be to myself.

So I must (and so must you if you choose to walk the road of personal development) be vigilant, be committed and be honest with myself. Have a good day.