Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thoughts about space

There is something I have realized in the past week space is important. I am not talking about Mars Jupiter and satellites here but rather the space we inhabit every day. In particular I want to look at the way we define the tasks we perform to the spaces we perform them in. Were I am living right now I do not have a desk to work at. The only quite place I have to sit and work on blogs and school work is my bead. Working from bed I have found a lot less focus and that I am more easily derailed from what I am supposed to do to the little distractions of the web.

The underlining principle is before I had a work space and a play space, even though they were different chairs at the kitchen table If I was facing one way I was there to do work face towards the TV and it was play time. These tasks to space connections were a powerful tool for me to keep my focus or let it go. The problem was I did not even relies I was doing it. In my new space I need to find a way to create separate work and play spaces.

This idea goes beyond just how we utilize the space we have in our homes. We tend to fall in to behavior patterns in different place, acting one way att a bar, acting another at the office. Some of this is because of expected social norms and the social rules that govern different place another part have to do with our attitude towards the place. Understanding our relationship to the places we live work and play in can give us a level of control over how we feel when we are where we must be.