Monday, April 19, 2010

Finding a fortress

I woke up this morning angry and I don't know why. Have you ever had a morning like this were the littlest things set you off, put your teeth on edge and just make you want to scream.

The only way I am finding to get past this is to cling to what is important. Try and treat those I love with the kindness they deserve, strive to live my values, and focus on accomplishing my goals.

This litany of how to live is calming, even now writing it I feel the troubled waters of my heart beginning to ease, feeling the tide turning maybe.

These three things, our loves, our values and our goals are the touchstones of our day; the fortress to which we can retreat when things are hard. No matter what the world throws at us if we know these three and take refuge in them, champion them when we can and it is necessary, then we will grow, we will prevail.