Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We will change the world whether we want to or not. The changes we make may be small they may be large, they may be intentional they may be accidental it does not matter we will change the world. Does that scare you? It should because if you understand that your actions will change the world you must then understand that your actions impact others. Like the changes we make in the world the impact we have on theirs can be intentional or accidental, large or small but no matter what we will leave our mark. With this in mind we must take not just responsibility for our actions but also take into consideration the impact our actions will have on others before we take them.

Yesterday we talked about little bricks and how they can help us to build up our dreams but little bricks come together in different ways to. They can come together to create problems, and more often than not they will when the bricks are just thrown together haphazardly. Consider this a college decides for the health of its students it is going to ban smoking on campus. As students are ticketed for lighting up the smokers drift across the street and begin to stand in front of apartment complexes while they smoke. Some think about their actions and take away their cigarette butts however the majority just drop them on the ground. One butt at a time one brick at a time a problem starts to form. The owner of the property finally has to put a no trespassing sigh up to keep the smokers from covering the front of his complex with cigarette butts. The world changes, it becomes less friendly, more standoffish because a number of little bricks built up a problem.

The school did not intended to have their neighbor put up a no trespassing sigh. The students did not intend to make the apartment complex owner spend money to clean up after them. But it happened that way. Also no one involved in the situation did it to give me an analogy or example to share with you about the power of unintended consequences.

When we make our plans we need to take a moment and think does this decision go farther than me, who else will it affect and how. We could become paralyzed trying to think of all the possibilities that could come from any action we take. We avoid this by understanding what is important to us, who is important to us and creating the habit of consulting both of these lists before we act. As this sort of consultation becomes habit it passes in to intuition, so as long as we know the facts and live in the moment appreciating its subtleties and giving it our full attention we will be able to act not just in our own best interest but the best interest of those around us. When we touch others lives let it be for the reasons and impact we wish, use the small bricks to build communities not create tensions.

It is not the big actions that will bring about world peace or global change on any issue it is our commitment to live our lives appropriately. Have a great day and don't forget to change the world.