Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let life be

Some of you may find what I am going to say today sad, but that misses the point. This post is not about pessimism but about valuing that which make you happy.

Our lives are cut apart in to bits by the two-edged sword of change. Things have beginnings middles and ends and each part of this cycle fallows in its due cores. To ignore this fact is to lie to ourselves. When something brings us happiness we must know that it will end, and the same is true of sorrow. Some will find it sad to think about happy things ending, and this sadness can taint and corrupt the pleasure we feel. This is not the effect that impermanence should have on us. Instead we should remember to value what we have when we have it.

These happy moments will end and holding them to tight will break them. We need to be happy when we are happy and not fret about what might be. When happens ends and it is time to be sad be sad then stop and make room for new happiness to come. If we sit there starting back on the things that have made us happy in the past we will miss the happiness that is coming our way. If when we are happy we turn our faces to the coming end of that happiness we will not experience all of the happiness we have.

Let life be, giving each moment its due and each day the consideration it deserves. Plan as you need to, remember when the time is right, and don't turn away from what is necessary. This is the way to live.