Thursday, April 29, 2010

A fifth trap

So in the natural course of things yesterday I posted about traps that get in the way of our successes and I left one off the list, moreover I left one off the list that would bite me in the ass latter in the day. I had a speech to give in my speech class yesterday and I was not prepared, I had then outline done but no notes or solid situations to back up my points. I decided I was not prepared enough and would sit the speech out. I told the instructor this and he noted it down. All through class it was eating at me though I knew this stuff, sure I did not have everything I needed to do the job but I had enough. As class came to an end the instructor was raping things up but I cut him off and said I would give my speech. It went well, even without the notes I was supposed to have I feel it was my strongest speech of the year, go figure.

The trap I am talking about here is self-created obstacles. Procrastination, unpreparedness and excuses you have the ability to overcome fall in to this category. This is the trap of setting yourself up to fail at the things you don't want to do. It is an insidious and clever trap easy to fall in to but once we are committed to something we must do all we can to avoid this one.