Friday, April 30, 2010

Commitments to scheduling

Commitments have been on my mind a lot lately. Deadlines, agreements with my friends and with myself, they can all be like quicksand. We start making commitments and more commitments until we are buried; drowning or otherwise smothered by everything we have to do. If commitments can be quicksand scheduling is our rope to pull ourselves out. This is not my strong suit, if anything when the quicksand starts to surround me I am more prone to dive for the bottom them to grab the rope.

Today I am trying to grab the rope, the habit I want to create within the next two months is keeping a calendar, blocking out time to do what I have committed to and at the same time cutting back on the number of commitments I have. So my plan is to use Google calendars to organize my day, it sinks with my phone so I will have it with me wherever I go and the visual style works for me. Different blocs of collar for different types of activity are great, it lets me se how I am spending my time. The real problem here, at least for me, will be sticking to the schedule once I set it.

How do you deal with over-committing or keeping yourself on task?