Monday, May 3, 2010

Avalanches of annoyance

Sometimes we get to a point in life where everyone seems to be out get us, people treat us badly and life just feels unfair. Maybe what needs to change is not the people around you but what you are looking for in them. When things start to go bad it can have an avalanche effect. One pebble of unkind words gets our attention and the next pebble we notice, maybe one we would have ignored before. Now we start looking for pebbles and they begin to grow. Little things get bigger neutral things turn bad.

So what we need to do is stop looking for pebbles in this situation and focus back on the view. When we are staring at the pebbles of annoyance we do not see the beauty of the skyline, trees and birds. This beauty distracts us from feeling the hurt, and the hurt only heals when it is left alone.

This is not to say that all pain and hurt should be ignored. A pebble bouncing off your leg is one thing, one in your shoe is quite another. If it is in your power to affect positive change and alleviate a source of irritation do it. Remove the pebble from your shoe but at the same time don't let the things that are beyond your power to affect turn in to an avalanche of misery.