Friday, May 21, 2010

Be aware of the risks

Taking risks in and of its self is not stupid.

When we take risks we step outside our comfort zone, we do something new, something different or something challenging. This is where growth occurs the fastest when we challenge our selves. Most challenges do not come without the threat of losing something if we do not successes. We have to be aware of what we are putting on the line and we have to be sure it is something we are willing to lose.

This is when risks become foolish when we gamble with things we are not prepared to lose. The gain from the risk should be equally great to what we are putting in to it; otherwise it is a waste of our time and resources. The other factor we have to look at when judging the riskiness of any situation is how likely we are to not successes in our endeavor. So when we look at risk we must weigh the value of what with risk losing with the chance we that we will lose it and see if that is reasonable in terms of the reward.

Growth does not happen without change and change often entails some element of risk. We should be aware of what we are risking before we start anything new. Knowing the danger involved should not be allowed to make us nervous however it should be used to drive us to succeed.