Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vacation priorities

This morning I am thinking a lot about the advantages of getting away from everything. I am on vacation, out of the city, up in the mountains and enjoying the stillness. Finding the moments here and there to appreciate the beauty in the world while we are living our lives can be hard. The true power of vacation is not the rest it brings but instead the reminder to appreciate what is around us. This is not to underestimate the benefits of the resting and relaxing that may be done on vacation but these things are the teacher and the lesson is be still.

Being still in our daily lives is not easy, deadlines, commitments, meetings, social, scholastic, and occupational obligations pull at us. What we need to be able to so is set some time aside to just be our selves. When we are meeting these obligations we are filling roles, we have a set of priorities that are not completely ours, again not a bad thing actually this shifting network of priorities is the fabric of social interaction. We need to make time each day to only be governed by our priorities and this is what we allow ourselves to do on vacation. But we need to make the time in our day-to-day lives to touch base with ourselves, to look at and know our priorities and make sure they are being met.