Thursday, May 20, 2010

A ramble for the last day of school

One of the things I have found difficult throughout the semester is maintaining a level amount of effort from the first day to the last day. It was easy, and exiting to be at school in the beginning, I was psyched up and ready to perform. A mid semester the effort began to fade and the amount of time and energy put in to school faded as well. Now as the semester draws to a close it is once again lots of effort and lots of energy to get everything done on time.

I think next semester I will build in a quarter review system for myself somehow. Some sign posts that I can use to reinvigorate my efforts throughout the semester. This is something that could and probably should be extrapolated to the rest of life.

We need to maintain levels of effort that are reasonable, realistic and effective. To do this we need to have a system in place for channeling the energy we put in to a project. Scheduling is one great system. Creating blocks of time were we do the same class work every day is one example.

Any way those are some rambling thoughts for the day as finals week draws to a close. Yes I'm tired, yes a little fried but I feel the battle field has been retaken and school from now on will be a place where I can be successful. Probably more on that tomorrow when I can be a bit more coherent.