Friday, May 7, 2010

What I have learned from my mother

As mother's day fast approaches I want to share a lesson I learned from my mother. Not the only lesson she has taught me over the years just one of them.

I forget what year it was, but I know it was the Fourth of July and I was some were in high school. My mom was administrating a nursing home and was short-staffed in the laundry. Not just short-staffed but had absolutely no one to work that afternoon. The patients needed clean sheet, they needed clean towels and all the other bits of fabric that pass invisibly through the operation of a convalescent home.

There was no one to do the job but her, it was her hospital, it was her responsibility. The job was too big for one person so she asked me to help. We spent a large part of our Fourth of July folding towels and bed sheets in a hot and humid industrial laundry room.

I talk about commitments a lot around here and this is why, this is the lesson my mom taught me that day: If you make something your responsibility you need to do everything you can to make sure it gets done. If this means you suffer in the heat so be it, if it means you get your hands dirty so be it.

Thanks for the lessons mom, happy mother's day.