Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Forgiving your self

Forgiveness is an important part of personal growth. We have to be able to forgive others to move away from feelings of hurt and resentment in our lives. This is the easy forgiveness to do, what is harder is to forgive our selves. We all make mistakes and have regrets that torment us with guilt and sleepless nights.

When we do not forgive ourselves for these events we become stuck in the past. We relive the stress and agony of the poor decision time and time again. This takes us out of the moment and we miss out on the things that life has to offer us now. The moment may not always be pleasant but we can affect the moment, we can change the now. The past is over and done with and all we can do is celebrate it or make reparations were necessary.

So when we find ourselves being sucked in to the black hole of old long dead stress over our bad choices in life let it go, say sorry to yourself and wash your hands of regret. Face the day with a determination to make good decisions, live in the present and don't let yourself be dragged back into old crap.