Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Update on school

Well the semester has been a long one, but the idea of taking back the battle field seems to be working. Classes have been attended tests taken and papers written and now we are easing in to finals week. My first final is today and I feel I am ready for it. This return to school has been a big success for me in my opinion, here is how it is going:

My Comparative religions class has had some interesting insights on the nature of the self and personal growth many of which have seeped in to my writing here. It has been a good class but the last few weeks have been a bit rushed. The testing in the class has been out of line with the presentation of the material however so this is the class I am least confident about my grade.

Speech 1A has been an interesting class covering diverse topics such as the way the mind relates to language, the structure of arguments and the impotence of confidence. I like to think I have given some good speeches in this class and have done well on the one written test we have had so far, one last exam to go and one more speech and I should have a good grade.

Journalism 1 this class has been interesting and a bit challenging, the model for writing news is very different then writing essays, blog posts or fiction. I have had to learn how to curb my opinion and just state the facts.

Critical thinking, I am not sure what to make of this class, it has felt like I get nothing at all out of the lectures but the process of writing the papers for this class has been the most taxing I have ever gone through. This class is the one I am most confident in getting an A in, all my papers so far have been A's and with just one more project to go I think I am fairly safe.

I will be back in school again for summer semester. This time taking a history class, intro to film and an excel cores to clean up my academic sins from earlier semesters.