Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Being positive through the stress

During the course of my last semester of school I went through a lot, I played games, I made a game from scratch in under a week, I passed my classes with good grades, I moved three times and I split from my partner. A lot of this I am proud of some of it took the wind out of my sales. The grades, the game, the things I did well gave me a lot of confidence. Not being able to keep a home hurt a lot and still does, I am still in limbo about where I am living and that makes life a bit uncertain. The split has been amicable we are still good friends but we both are learning a lot about ourselves, what is important to us and what we want.

I have tried to be positive through all this and that has been a big key to not giving up on school, not giving up on the blog and not giving up on happiness. Yes life can be difficult but we work with what we are given. It is easy to get bogged down in the trials and tribulations but when we do we become mired in despair. By keeping our attitude positive we are able to keep moving, keep pushing and get past the bad places.

This also ties in with being here, being now. The things that have gone wrong we can't change, the only time we have to change is here and now. If we worry about the past we lose the opportunity to make things different. So through it all stay positive, stay in the now, and look to what you can change to make life better for you.