Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Growing habits

So I have been having a problem with deadlines lately. I have come up with a new plan to deal with this problem. I am planning on creating a desk top folder for every deadline I have. I will label it with the date the project is due and then store all files and info related to that project in that folder. As folders go out of date and the projects are finished I will move then to an archive folder.

The idea here is to create a structure that will help enforce the habit I want to create, in this case better deadline management. In a way I guess that habit building is a like growing peas. You need something in place that helps to guide were and how they grown. A trellis or a few stakes will give the new habit something to cling to. These little structural reminders are important since habits grow slowly, a bit at a time.

The rewards of new habits, especially when they are purposefully created are they become reflexes, we do not have to think about doing the things that are habitual for us we just do them. So what habits are you going to creat for yourself in the months ahead, are they going to be accidental habits or are they going to be habits that lead you to your goals, dreams and the places you want to be in your life?