Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Morning rituals

Our morning rituals set the tone for our day. I am not talking about personal hygiene and the other necessary rituals of waking up, instead I am talking about the little things we do for ourselves every morning that make us happy. For some of us it may be our coffee making experience, others like myself, might get on the internet and play a game or two before doing anything else.

These rituals put us back in touch with the things we like, love and enjoy. It is important to be reminded of these things every morning because when life gets hard that bit of happiness can sustain us. There will be times in the day when life is tough we are up against deadlaines, people cause drama, we cause drama but if we have taken the time for our selves, and know we will have time for ourselves these hard ships are more easily born.

What are your morning rituals, what do you do for yourself every day, what do you wish you could do for yourself?