Monday, May 10, 2010

Some places to find confidence

Confidence is the building block of successful change. It is when I forget to be confident, when I let my doubt and unhappiness gnaw it away to nothing that I fail, and worse than that when I stop trying. So here is a quick list of ways to build confidence.

Look up Changing your posture and can be a big help in building confidence, or at least the appearance of confidence. Standing up strait, looking at people when you talk to them or are walking instead of down at your shoes can have a huge impact on how people perceive you. As I have said before we tend to act like the people around us expect us too and if they expect us to be confident then we will be.

Do small tasks Find little challenging tasks that you know you can do and do well. Each success builds our confidence a bit. As these bricks of confidence come together we can start trying more and more challenging things.

Know your strengths Being aware of what you are good at and taking time to do activities that let you show off a bit is good for building confidence.

Work on your weakness The other side of the coin is that we cannot just hide out in the areas of our lives we are good at. Instead we must turn our attention to the things we don't do well and work on them. This is harder, more dangerous territory to be mining confidence in but the ore is richer here as well. When we start to succeed in a place where we have routinely failed that gives us a huge boost in confidence.

Remember your successes When we are scraping the bottom of the confidence bearlale or we need to prime the motor we can always look back on our past and find the times we have succeeded. These successes are part of who we are now and can be a great source of inspiration and confidence. We are that person who succeeded once and we will succeed again.