Friday, April 16, 2010

Planed Spontaneity

Have you ever wanted be more spontaneous but find yourself in a rut of planning and scheduling every moment of your life? Here is tool that can help: Planed Spontaneity.

The idea may at first seem oxymoronic but let me explain. The idea is simply block out a space of time to be spontaneous every week. Say 3 pm on Saturday afternoons, give yourself a few hours of empty space and do not try to fill it until it comes around. Set down a few rules for your spontaneity: It should be a different activity each week in that time slot; it should be an activity you do not normally do.

If you still find yourself stuck and trying to plan what to do take some time make a list of ideas. If you are not a gaming nerd the list six items long if you are a gaming nerd (like me) make the list 20 items long. Number the list 1 to whatever and roll a die (this is why gaming nerds get a bigger list we tend to have dice that go up to 20 lying around, if you to want a bigger list go to your local nerd store and by a bigger die). Look up the activity on the table you made and go do that, when you get done think up a new activity you want to do some day and add it to the list in place of the activity you have just done. The activities on your list should require only minimal preparation. Some suggestions could be: go on a hike, visit a local tourist destination, call a friend and go out for coffee, try a new restaurant or organize a photo album.

Even a little bit of spontaneity can give us a greater sense of freedom in our lives, if we have to schedule the time for that freedom so be it. Make the time and have a great day.