Friday, April 9, 2010

10 quick thoughts on happiness

I slept in today and it felt good but that means I don't have much time to write this morning which feels bad. Sigh that is life so here are 10 quick thoughts on happiness for your Friday.

  1. Don't confuse a sugar rush for happiness, and remember that sugar rushes come from more than just a candy bar.
  2. Happiness should be worked towards but held loosely.
  3. We must know what we want and need to be happy, not what we are told to want and need.
  4. Happiness can be found in small things as long as we are looking for it.
  5. The more we worry about being happy the harder it is, think about living and happiness will happen
  6. My happiness is not your happiness.
  7. Happiness is spontaneous, it flows from the moment, recreating the same moment to relive happiness may not always work.
  8. Happiness comes from overcoming challenges and achieving goals. Set yourself goals and challenges that are realistic and then achieve, achieve, achieve.
  9. No matter how bad the day, no matter how dark the mood, it is not disrespectful to yourself or others to laugh when things are genuinely funny.
  10. Make time each day for something that brings you happiness.

I hope you have a happy Friday.