Thursday, April 8, 2010

Week Plan reviewed

So I want to do something I have not done in a while, something that was part of my original purpose for this blog. I want to talk about an online tool I found for helping with personal growth. The sight we are looking at today is called week plan.

The idea behind week plan is simple it lets you plan and track your goals and tasks for the week. What makes it different is that it associates your goals and tasks with the roles you fill in life. For example self, student employ. It lets you plan your week's goals by role and then offers a week at a glance calendar so you can place them. At the bottom of the calendar space is a place to make note of any lessons you have learned in the week as well as places to track areas that require improvement. While this is all well and good I wish there was a place to track things we feel we did well, victories build confidence, and confidence builds successes.

The other aspect of Week Plan is that it has a separate page to keep track of your vision statement and values. On this page they do offer a place to track past achievements which is nice but unless you are in the habit of checking this page on a regular basis you will not be reminded of them. The other problem I have with this placement is that it removes balance from the weekly view. I would prefer to see a balance sheet view were we could look at our successes and failures for the week and get a better sense of how well we had done.

Over all it looks like it will be a good tool, I am giving it a try this week and next to see how it works for me. If I like it and remember to use it I will let you know what I find after a the first few weeks.