Friday, March 12, 2010

A responsibility to be playful

I want to talk about something fun today. Then I thought maybe I would talk about what is fun but then I found that boring (go figure) so here is your Friday dose of fun: It is our responsibility to be playful. I have been talking a lot about paradox lately and this also seems to be one at first. The world is full of doom and gloom, we can turn our backs from the news and shut out the distressing noise of the world but that does not change anything. People are still weighed down by debt, we still louse loved ones and earthquakes still shake the land. We can allow ourselves to become beat down, depressed and antisocial by all this or we can live up to our responsibility to be playful.

I have talked about how we need to be able to play and why it is important. As a responsibility playfulness extends beyond ourselves, if we find ways to play we also need to share those with others. The way to relive suffering is through joy, and more importantly shared joy. In the sharing the joy is magnified and more importantly it can be brought forth later and re-experienced through memories and reminiscences. And this is our responsibility to play: We must be playful ourselves and be willing to draw others in to our play.

By drawing others in to our play we increase their joy, build relationships and strengthen our communities. Through things as simple as a backyard barbeque we can learn about our neighbors. By hosting a movie night we can find new friends. When this happens we lessen the fear in our lives and the reflexive distrust bread by the fear mongering aspects of the modern political climate. In lessening the fear we can build a relationship with the people around us, build social networks not based on work and stress but happiness and fun.

So go out and have fun with others, find groups to ride bikes with, play games with, and make new friends learn about people you don't know anything about. In other words go out and be playful, and if you want to play with me and my friends you can find us here.

Have a great weekend, and if you feel like it share your favorite ways to play in the comments.


Anonymous said...

My husband and I get our two year old grandson every Saturday and we play! We are also game players, I see you role play, it's been awhile but we used to play DnD, I sometimes even acted as DM. We play board games, card games, just got exposed to a dice game called Farkle that we are kind of obsessed with, but now that weather is getting better we will be going to the park, to art fairs, and the pool.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this wonderful post.
...never have played... and it's a very dreary time replaying old family memories. I think I'll try it today. Thanks.

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