Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Getting out of the cave

There are those times we get down on ourselves for not being good enough, not changing quick enough and not being as successful as we want to be. I know it happens to me. These can be dark days hours weeks depending on how we handle it. The longer it goes on the worse it becomes; think of it like going in to a cave. We begin we can see some light but are surrounded by dark shadows and the farther we go the darker it gets. Soon we can't even see our way out. So what do we do, how do we stop exploring these dark places?

For me what works is looking to what I have and have achieved. The good things in my life are there they are real and they only exist because of the actions I have taken. So often it becomes easy to let the shadows blind us to the light of all we have done. By turning our face to the sun of our accomplishments we can find the path out of the cave.

Sometimes it takes someone outside ourselves to remind us of this. When you are down don't hide it from friends or family, we have people in our lives to support each other emotionally. Sometimes we need their voice to guide us out of the cave and back to the path. So use your senses listen for the voice calling you back to the path and the look for the light of your accomplishments.


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