Friday, July 30, 2010

Why we need to give up fear

We are not fragile beasts. The news would like us to think we are. Politically correct speech makes us feel we are wrong if we are not offended. Organizations with their own political agendas want us to believe that giving rights to one group of people will take rights away from the rest of us. This is all bull shit!

If we are going to grow as people we need to remove ourselves from the culture of fear. We are not week, we are not fragile, we are not diminished by the gains of others and most of all we are not predestined victims. These beliefs drive us away from creating community, from trusting our neighbor and from being truly safe. Safety does not come from building walls it comes from trusting those around you. Trust in turn comes from knowing the people around you, knowing their families and allowing them to know yours.

When we stop fearing and we trust our neighbors we create communities. When we create communities we have something bigger then ourselves to help support us in what we are trying to achieve. This membership helps to drive us to do great things. Harvey Milk, Martin Luther King Jr. and Alice Paul did not act for themselves but for their communities. While we may not aspire to causes with as much historical impact as theirs we can tap in to the same power. By reaching out to and getting to know our neighbors we make the world a better place and in so doing make it easier to be the person we want to be.

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