Thursday, July 15, 2010

Where is this going?

Sometimes we have to just let things go where they want to. Let me explain. Often we set out on the road to accomplishing something, going to school, writing a blog post, whatever it may be but as we progress towards that goal things change. When this happens we have two choices we can fight with our selves and the situation to force things in to a now outdated mold or we can go in a new direction.

Here is an example: I set out earlier this week to write a post about the power of


and how to use it. As I started to write I found the post needed context and as I progressed further it turned in to the post linked above Fueling you engine which was a general discussion of keeping momentum going and tools we could use to do that. If I had kept mashing the delete key every time I felt the need to talk about something other the
competition the post would have been much weaker.

Another example: this post today started with the idea of talking about my writing process. Incidentally the process really is staring at a blank page until some core idea hits me then run with it. That led me to the thought that posts of late have taken over themselves. This has led to this one taking over and becoming a discussion of allowing the plan to die.

Sometimes we have to just let things go where they want to go. The key word is sometime. We need to understand the forces that are pushing the execution of the plan out of line with the original plan. The understanding of these forces is our guide to knowing when to fight to keep the plan intact and when to give in to change. Here are the questions to ask: Is the plan still possible? Is the plan still practical? Is the plan still what I want? A no response to any of these questions should push us to change the plan. But first there is one more question we need to answer

Does a new direction look good just because it is easy? If we are changing what we want just so we can stop working at it then we are giving up. If what we want changes and we find that the new dream is easier to achieve, then that is good fortune. We should not sacrifice our dreams when they are reachable out of fear of a little hard work.

Sometime we have to just let things go where they want to go. Other times we have to rededicate ourselves to what we want. We are the only ones who can know what we want and we are the only ones who can make sure we get what we want.


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