Friday, July 2, 2010

On being the kitten

So after kitten bashing earlier in the week I thought I would end the week on a pro kitten note here is a list of admirable kittenish traits and why we should be emulate them:

Curiosity: Sure it gets the cat killed but that is just the ones that don't practice a bit of caution when asking what does this do. Curiosity is a key to how we learn; discover our passion and a gateway to new experiences. When we stop asking why and how we stop growing. So question you environment and indulge your curiosity.

Forgiving: When someone scolds a kitten it runs away and hides. Five minutes l it is done being mad at you and crawls back in your lap. We need to do the same, spending all our time being hurt or angry over the things said to us just waists everyone's time. If necessary ask for an apology and then once you have it let it go.

Make mistakes: not all mistakes kittens make should be emulated but a willingness to try things to see if they work is a fine quality. The key is learning what went wrong, why what you did doesn't work and then doing it differently next time. When things go wrong we should not beat ourselves up. Instead we should try things a different way next time and forgive ourselves.

Studiousness: Watch a kitten with an older cat. The kitten copies the behaviors of the cat: jumping up to the same places, sitting the same way and learning all sorts of mannerisms. They are students of the older cat just as we need to be students of life. We need to approach each day with a willingness to learn.

So there you go some of the ways we should be like a kitten.


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