Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Look for different eyes

Whenever we work on a project whether it is personal growth, cleaning our room or planning a party we can be blinded by our perceptions. These perceptions include the way we see things and the way we expect things to be. Our perceptions are different from others perceptions because they see the world differently, they expect different things and they hold different things as important. This is why when we work on anything important we need to bring a different set of eyes to the project.

Wanting someone else's impute on something does not make us weak, indecisive or stupid. Instead it is a way to illuminate our own blind spots. For me one problem I deal with is my own internal logic. This particularly comes in to play when I am writing a story, I know so much more then the reader I sometimes forget to share information with them because from where I stand it seems obvious to me. The solution to that is getting someone to take a look at the story to find the flaws and point them out to me.

The hard part is to do this we have to open ourselves to criticism. We have to distance our self emotionally form this; it is not an attack on our ego or our intelligence. Instead it is advice we can learn from. Allowing yourself to hear about the flaws in your work without taking them as personal attacks gives you a blue print for improvement. This may seem like common sence and most of us do this with things like school work or making plans with friends however we need to do the same thing with our own personal development.

Nowhere is it easier to tell ourselves lies, have blind spots or hide from the truth then in our own growth. We need to find people we trust and know are not out to hurt us and tell them the things we are trying to work on and ask them if they have seen improvement. If this is something you don't do on a regular basis you may be surprised by some of the answers. Remember these people you are going to should be your friends, people who love and acsept you despite any problems they see you having. If they point to a flaw you never realized in yourself before then don't get mad think about it.

We all need to see ourselves with other eyes.

Today the Editing project continues: Life mapping


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