Thursday, July 22, 2010

Killing Zombies

We all face a zombie apocalypse of personal growth every day when we wake up. Walking dead goals slam against the farmhouse of our copiousness, there cold rotting hands shoving their way through the windows of our mind. They try to thee teeth in to our brains consuming not our lives but our motivations. If we want to have any hope of surviving this onslaught we need to start killing zombies.

First of all what is a zombie? It is a goal, project or commitment that has become unrealistic or problematic. These could be goals that are larger than we are able to accomplish but also goals that no longer fit with the life we are working towards. They could be projects that no longer hold our interest or have no value any more. A commitment to someone who is no longer in our lives but that we still hold on to out of a misplaced sense of duty is another example. These are all zombies that need killing.

So how do you kill a zombie? The first step is admitting that the zombie is dead. You have to accept whatever it once meant to you is gone, the excitement that you got from the initial idea is no longer there, the reward of accomplishing the goal is meaningless or no longer moves you forward. Once you realize this all you have to do is put the plan out of your head. If that requires you picturing taking a chain saw to the undead ideas skull so be it. Lay it to rest and get back in touch with the dreams, goals commitments and plans that mater now, that move you forward and get you where you want to be.

Just remember that like any survivor of a zombie apocalypse we must be on the lookout for the next hoard to attack. Keep a close eye on the things you have going on and keep the dreams alive rather than letting them fall and rise again as the walking dead.

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