Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another Note From the Rollercoaster

So here after the first production week at the Oak Leaf I have a minute to catch my breath. It was a long, labor intensive weekend but also a good one. We put the paper together and a majority of my staff showed up to help. Still it was two 36 hour days on my part to get the job done. My co-editor-in-chief put in similar hours and we managed to make a content heavy newspaper. I will post a link tomorrow when we finish loading it to the web.

The verdict after hitting the first set of loops is that I can do this. I can write ten news stories in a week and still have energy for other things, heck I even managed to take Wednesday off last week.

So the question arises, if we can handle that, what do we add? By we in this case I mean my team at the Oak Leaf. We as a team did not drop the ball so we are not pushing the limit of our ability. The next push is for more multi media. I am hoping to find someone on the team to promote to multimedia editor. If that doesn't work out, I will take on the title myself. My goal for the next issue is to put three multimedia pieces on the website.

Personally the push will be to get ahead on my writing duties at Patch. I have a series on community gardens I have been working on and I want to get two stories ahead on that as well as get a few restaurant reviews ready to go so I do not have to write them at the last minute.

The roller coaster goes on and it is not quite as scary as I thought it would be.


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